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As a visual storytelling company passionate about helping individuals and organizations communicate their messages effectively, Digital Image House was honored to cover a riveting panel discussion on farming, food disparities, and nourishing communities. Held in Richmond, VA, the event convened experts making substantial differences in local food systems. The panel featured Duran Chavis of Happily Natural Day/Sankofa Gardens, Art Burton at the Richmond Food Justice Corridor, and Taylor Scott at RVA Community Fridges.

The Panelists

Duran Chavis – Happily Natural Day/Sankofa Gardens

Duran Chavis is a community advocate whose work with Happily Natural Day and Sankofa Gardens has impacted Richmond's local urban agriculture and food justice issues. "In a society where fast food is more accessible than fresh produce, it becomes our responsibility to bring change," Duran commented. "We are not just growing food; we're growing community, resilience, and empowerment."

Taylor Scott – RVA Community Fridges

Also on the panel was Taylor Scott, the visionary behind RVA Community Fridges, who shared practical insights into addressing food insecurity by providing free and accessible food storage units in the community. "We take the 'take what you need, leave what you can' approach. This way, we're empowering individuals while reducing waste," said Taylor.

Art Burton – Richmond Food Justice Corridor

Art Burton, another critical voice in the Richmond food ecosystem, passionately discussed how the Richmond Food Justice Corridor bridges the gaps in food access in marginalized communities. "It's high time we treated food as a human right, not a privilege. Through collective action, we can shift policy and change lives," stated Art.

Highlights of the Conversation

The Intersectionality of Food, Farming, and Community. One of the most poignant aspects of the discussion was the realization that food disparities are not standalone; they intersect with systemic challenges like poverty, racial inequity, and access to education. Another inspiring note from the conversation was the emphasis on community collaboration. All panelists agreed that change becomes more potent and sustainable when the community is involved in the efforts. 

As a company that values community engagement and impactful storytelling, Digital Image House was deeply inspired by the insights shared by these local changemakers. The struggle against food disparities is collective, and the solutions are as multi-faceted as the challenges.